Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

FisherGold Food does offer OEM services, which include customised product designs that are tailored to specific needs.


Maintaining good product quality during delivery

Ensuring on-time delivery within Malaysia

Well-organized transportation system for overseas delivery

Seabrew Festta Local

The primary goal of Seabrew Festta Local is to produce frozen and fried products for the exclusive local market. This product is targeted for Halal & Non-Halal Market by using newly improved packaging, high consistency and quality control design.


Pago is primarily directed at the local traditional wet market. This brand is primarily intended for chilled and fresh products.


Rasegar is targeted at the Malay wet market and rural market products. It is primarily made for chilled and fresh products.

Seabrew International

Seabrew International is a brand that is only available in the international market. It is designed for the export market with separable new packaging.

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