FisherGold Food Sdn Bhd is continuously improving its processing and distribution capabilities. We have a strong distribution in the Northern Region, and we will eventually increase our business in Malaysia. FisherGold Food Industries has been exporting to Brunei, Australia, the United States, and other countries in recent years. We expect to be a global market leader in the future.


FisherGold Food Sdn Bhd has been certified under Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) in 2009 for its food safety management system.


In 2009, the company was also certified under HALAL which complies with JAKIM regulation for its ability to produce products that meet the requirements of Islamic dietary law.


FisherGold Food Industries Sdn Bhd was certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health with MESTI in 2013 for its food safety assurance and food hygiene traceability.



MeSTI Cert

MeSTI Cert

Veterinary Cert

Veterinary Cert

Halal Cert - 1

Halal Cert – 1

Halal Cert - 2

Halal Cert – 2

Halal Cert - 3

Halal Cert – 3

Halal Cert - 4

Halal Cert – 4

Halal Cert - 5

Halal Cert – 5

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